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July 27, 2015 Dear Investor: It’s been a brutal July. After briefly rallying in the wake of the Greek bandaid, the Dow has declined again, down to 17,402—or 5.2% off its recent high of 18,351. Cyclical stocks have been washed out, and our energy and steel stocks have seen major declines. The market winners have become very narrow, focused on a few tech names that defy gravity. Some of you may think you’ve seen this movie before. If so, I’m...

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July 2, 2015 Dear Investor: The Greek crisis and potential “Grexit” is grabbing all macro attention, but it’s truly just investment noise. For anyone living outside Greece, it will determine little. Greece’s economy was smaller than Louisiana’s before the bank holiday; soon it will be the size of Kentucky’s. Europe cares about the credibility of the Euro—and we must too in that it remains strong enough to buy our exports—but Greece has proven...

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