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October 10, 2008 Dear Investor: The climate is terrifying, markets have been routed, and any words we have must come as hollow comfort, given the losses of the past week. Fear is really the only market element right now and investors are toppling over each other to get out, willing to accept very poor prices for their stocks. Excellent, cash-rich blue chips like Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson are selling at unprecedented low prices—prices...

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Now What? October 6, 2008 Dear Investor: The Bailout Bill was signed into law, but will be no panacea. The economy took a big hit, especially in the two weeks government bickered. Unemployment is likely to go to 9%. Credit is still stuck. As we mentioned in our last letter, the question becomes binary at this point: is this the Great Depression or a severe recession? There are really no times in history (except the Great Depression) where-at...

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